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Mr. Obama, end this genocide

Распространение приветствуется

President-elect Obama has been a consistent voice for Darfur. But now it is time for more than strong words—we need strong action to end the suffering.

Our voices together can compel the next president to act. But your voice is missing.
Presidential leadership can end the genocide. Click here to send your postcard and Be a Voice for Darfur today.

I absolutely believe that thousands of voices, united as one, will compel President-elect Obama to act. That's why we set a goal of 20,000 new voices by Election Day—and met it. And, that's why we're setting a new goal: 100,000 online postcards signed by Inauguration Day.

As the genocide continues, it is now more important than ever to have presidential leadership on Darfur from Day One.

Presidential leadership means ending the genocide, not managing it. Presidential leadership means spearheading a push to end the conflict. Presidential leadership means a president who says "no" if the U.N. Security Council tries to let Omar al-Bashir off the hook for his crimes. Presidential leadership means that when world leaders fall down on their commitment to fully deploy peacekeepers, the United States stands up for the people of Darfur.

Presidential leadership means that civilians are protected from violence and that those responsible are held accountable.

Don't wait. Send a postcard now. Make sure Darfur is a priority when Barack Obama takes office.

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