January 23rd, 2009

Революція гідності

Yes! Хоть иногда что-то хорошее

случается, и ты видишь как твоя работа приносит плоды.


Апдейт: и как всегда, ложка дегтя:

here are some important concerns however about the executive orders:

  • There is potentially a year-long review before detainees know their fate. This timeline should be expedited whenever prudent and possible.
  • There is no commitment to accept any detainee into the U.S., something Amnesty International has called for. Without this, other countries may also be unwilling to take detainees.
  • The order does not commit to prosecutions either through federal courts or under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The order only starts a process to look at the feasibility of doing so.

These concerns underscore how important it is to continue pressing to make sure everyone at Guantánamo Bay receives a fair trial or is released.

The executive orders beg the question however, what really happened these past eight years that required such fast and decisive action by the new administration?

This question goes to the heart of our demands for a commission of inquiry.

We cannot move forward without examining what went wrong. A commission of inquiry is not a witch hunt. It is simply an investigation to reveal information. President Obama wants a more open and transparent government. This is the same thing we want, and believe a commission of inquiry is how to get it. A commission of inquiry will demonstrate our government is serious about changing course.

Before it was in fashion to do so, Amnesty International stood up against the abuses at Guantánamo Bay. Years later, because of  early principled stand and persistent campaigning, we’re seeing these failed policies finally being rejected.

] http://blog.amnestyusa.org/waronterror/14-reasons-for-accountability/