January 9th, 2009

Революція гідності

Мои единомышленники в Израиле


They tell us
We are traitors.
They tell us
We are destroyers of Israel.
They tell us
We are criminals.
But we tell them:
The criminals are those
Who started this
Criminal and unnecessary war!
An unnecessary war
Because it was possible
To stop the Qassams
By the government
stopping the blockade
On the million and a half
Inhabitants of Gaza.
A criminal war
Because, on top of everything else
It is openly and shamelessly
Part of Ehud Barak’s and Tzipi Livni’s
Election campaign
I accuse Ehud Barak
Of exploiting the IDF soldiers
In order to get more Knesset seats.
I accuse Tzipi Livni
Of advocating mutual slaughter
In order to become
Prime Minister.
I accuse Ehud Olmert
Of trying to cover up
Rot and corruption
With a disastrous war.
I call upon them
From this tribune,
On behalf of this
Courageous and decent audience:
Stop the war at once!
Stop shedding the blood of
Our soldiers and civilians for nothing!
Stop shedding the blood
Of the inhabitants of Gaza!
The ground invasion
Will cause
An additional disaster,
A mutual massacre
And even more
Terrible war crimes!
At the end of this war
No general
Will be able to set foot
On European soil
Without fear of being arrested
For war crimes.
We are told
That there is no alternative.
Not true!!!
A cease-fire is possible even now,
Yes, this very minute,
If we agree to lift
The murderous siege,
If we allow the Gaza people
To live in dignity,
If we talk with Hamas.
I wish to address
The people of the South,
The people of Sderot,
Ashdod and Beersheba:
We know your anguish –
Even though we don’t live with you,
We know well.
But we also know
That this war
Will not change your situation.
The politicians exploit you,
The politicians conduct a war
On your back.
You too know that!
I call upon
Olmert, Barak and Livni:
Do not send the soldiers into the Strip!
All three of you will be accused of war crimes!
All three of you will pay the price!
The masses in Israel
Saluting you now
Will punish you tomorrow.
That happened in the
Second Lebanon War
That will happen
Again this time!
And YOU who are standing here,
Women and men,
Young and old,
Jews and Arabs,
YOU who have protested
Against this horrible war
From the first day,
From the first minute,
Isolated and cursed –
YOU are the real heroes!
You can be proud,
Very proud,
Because you stand in the middle
Of a hurricane of hysteria and ignorance,
And are not swept away by it!
You are retaining your sanity,
Not only at home
But here, in the street!
Millions around the world see you,
Salute you,
Salute each one of you.
As a human being,
As an Israeli,
As a seeker of peace,
I am proud
To be here today.