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это, подпишитесь и пошлите в китайское посолство!
Если хотите помочь...
Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China,
WEN Jiabao Guojia Zongli,
The State Council General Office,
2 Fuyoujie, Xichengqu, Beijingshi 100017,
People's Republic of China

We the undersigned, in the run-up of the Olimpic games in Beijing, welcoming the progress made in China concerning human rights during the recent years, especially March 2004 amendment to the Constitution, affirming the State’s respect for human rights, however are deeply concerned because of the detention of human rights activists and wide use of death penalty
• We respectfully ask you for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience, including the following activists, journalists and Internet users, highlighted in Amnesty International recent Olympics Countdown reports: Hu Jia, Bu Dongwei, Ye Guozhu, Chen Guangcheng, Shi Tao, Yang Tongyan, Huang Jinqiu, Lü Gengsong, Yang Chunlin, Wang Ling, Liu Jie, Wang Guilin and Yu Changwu.
• In addition we urge you to cease arbitrary detention, intimidation or harassment of activists who are not formally detained or imprisoned, including Gao Zhisheng, Zheng Enchong, Zeng Jinyan, Qi Zhiyong, Yuan Weijing, Teng Biao, Li Heping, Ye Mingjun, Ye Guoqiang and Wang Dejia. All activists should be free to communicate with journalists or highlight issues of legitimate concern without penalty or harassment.
• We also ask you to strengthen reforms to the death penalty system by: reducing the number of crimes which are punishable by death as a step to abolish death penalty: introducing greater transparency, both by ensuring that families and lawyers of those sentenced to death are given access to them as well as information about their cases, and by publishing data on the application of the death penalty nationwide.
• We ask you to take urgent measures to prevent police or representatives of provincial authorities in Beijing from resorting to abusive forms of administrative detention, such as RTL, as a method of ‘cleaning-up’ the city in the run-up to and during the Olympics.
• We urge you to grant unimpeded access to the Tibetan Autonomous Region and neighbouring provinces for journalists and other independent observers
Your sincerely and respectfully
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